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Aaron Samples Heretical View of I John 4:2

During the summer after my first year at the Pensacola Bible Institute (summer of 2003), I came to the acquaintance of a Christian gentleman by the name of Mark Slattery (Shane). Mr. Slattery, a former J.W., received the Lord Jesus Christ after viewing one of Dr. Ruckman's, "Drawing Men to
Christ" television programs many years ago. He has been an devoted student and follower of Dr.
Ruckman's material since shortly thereafter to the best of my knowledge..

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Maxey's Moot Maxim

Baptismal regeneration advocate and general waterdog, Al Maxey, has a website which contains a basic biographical sketch of himself, a listing of his interactions with various religious personalities (which he calls "debates"), a section entitled, "Bible Studies," and a sort of pastoral curriculum vitae detailing the assortment of ministerial endeavors in which he has participated. Aside from the fact that Mr. Maxey is a doctrinal heretic, the most viperous aspect of his personal website comes in the form of his vilifying assault on the text of the A.V. 1611.

Under the heading of “Bible Studies” mentioned above, Mr. Maxey has a portion reserved for the express purpose of...

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Guff To You: Part 1

It comes as no surprise in any form of serendipity whatsoever to discover that the passage in Amos 3:3 has diligently come to pass in the lives of Dr. John MacArthur, 7-year Master of Divinity recipient, Fred Butler, and the Grace to You nonprofit organization. In this case, which we are going to briefly examine, “two peas” are certainly “in a pod,” and “birds of a feather flock together.” What do they all have in common? These three iniquitous components...

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